Sunday, May 1, 2011

Canyoneering Spry Canyon Zion National Park

Spry Canyon in Zion National Park offers some of the most fantastic views in God's creation.  My friends Chris & Leslie Howard joined me for a day of adventure and fun on 4/30/2011.

I knew we were in for an interesting day when the temperature gauge on my car read 32 degrees on the drive up to Zion.  Normally I'm gunning for early starts, especially since I found out this was to be Leslie's first experience rappelling but the frigid reality slogging through ice-cold water in a deep slot canyon eased my drive into lethargy.

Leslie was a champ.  There were a few times when she needed a bit of coaxing in the form of a gentle (OK maybe not so gentle) push but all in all for her to do such a technical canyon for her first time, I was impressed.

As the day progressed we dropped deeper into the stunning abyss and occasionally we surfaced into the ever-so-slight warmth of the sun when the slot opened up a bit.  Clouds started rolling in just before we hit the swim sections and in spite of the 35-40 degree water we opted to leave the wetsuits in our packs and just tough it out.  We all sang soprano like we were auditioning for American Idol!

Here's a video of the adventure:

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