Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mountain Biking at Little Creek

I’ve been doing some  mountain bike photography for my friend, Quentin Morrisette at Over the Edge Sports in Hurricane UT.  Normally he doesn’t “do mornings” by his own admission so when the opportunity to do an early Saturday shop ride at Little Creek came up I just couldn’t pass it up…even if were just to see him function at that hour.

Little Creek is a slick-rock riding area with two main loops and several off-shoots.  It’s one of the prettiest riding areas in Southern Utah and typically doesn’t have the heavy use that nearby Gooseberry Mesa gets on the weekend.  With a word of caution though, there’s a reason that it doesn’t attract riders who’ve never been there.  Although the trails are well marked with rock cairns, it’s a very disorienting place as you don’t always have the reference views of the surrounding mountains in Zion National park.  Get lost once in an area like this and it might be the last time you get lost, especially when mid-day temps can soar upwards of 100 degrees.  This area claimed the life of a mountain biker just a couple of years ago.  I ride solo a lot in Southern Utah but not here and neither does Quentin.  It’s just an area that demands that kind of respect.

Luckily the temps were around ten degrees cooler than a normal August day and I will say it was perfect and unrushed.  We didn’t intend it to be a photography and video day but being kids in a candy store the “treats” presented themselves in abundance and were soon scooped up like a “ten minute grab all you can get for free” contest.  Sic lines, major air and pants-wetting drops were the order of the day.

Here’s just a few sequences for your enjoyment.  You may see more photo’s on my website at: under Special Interests / Mountain Biking or Little Creek Images.

Also check out the video Mt. Biking Little Creek UT.

Quentin, Casey and Matt, my partners in crime for the day.

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Gift From Above - Mountain Biking Near Zion National Park.

I am fortunate enough to live in one of the best kept secrets in mountain biking with spectacular backdrops of Zion National Park here in Southern Utah. Some friends of mine from Over The Edge Sports are working on a comprehensive riding guide to the area and asked me to take some photos.  Below is just a few but you can see more on my website by clicking here or here for more.