Saturday, March 20, 2010

Angels Landing Fun in the Wind 3-19-10

I’m still blown away at the number of folks who braved the elements for the “alpine conditions” ascents of Angel’s Landing yesterday. While the temperature was probably a mild high 40’s the wind at times was unrelenting…I’m guessing up to 60 mph gusts. Most of the folks were here on spring break and dressed like they were in Florida…running shorts & tees-shirts. There were even two young ladies that were barefoot! I was cold watching them go through the snow patches but they seemed really stoked to be in one of the most breathtaking places on earth. You can see some pictures of them on my website at: (barefoot in snow)  and another one (un-related parties) at:  (barefoot 2).

Friday, March 19, 2010

Angels Landing Fun in the Sun

Had a wonderful day shooting pictures up on Angel's Landing yesterday. Met lot of really cool folks from all over the world. One of the day's highlights was a pair of Condors riding the thermals just off of the saddle. It is so inspiring to see the recovery of these magnificent birds. It brought back memories of the early 80's when I helped the Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Group bring back the Peregrine falcons off the endangered species list by swapping eggs from the wild hatch sites, replacing them with fake ones, then after the group hatched the chicks, replacing them in the nests.

Wish I had brought one of my bigger lenses, but there's always another day!

Angels Landing by Dave Diegelman