Monday, January 28, 2013

Sunsinger... the Land of the Ancients

1.23 Acres Bordered by Zion National Park

View from your future front window

If you haven't ever visited Zion National Park, there's no words that could adequately describe the jaw-dropping majesty that surrounds you.  Recently I listed a one-of a kind property there in the Canyon Springs subdivision in Springdale Utah.  From the moment you cross the Virgin river you know that you are in a very special place.  When my wife, Cristina and I drove up to photograph the property, we figured that we would get "skunked" as it was raining with little hope of enough hole in the sky to let in some light yet my instincts and experience in Zion told me that the best lighting comes from small lulls between storm fronts where the sun pierces through.  

My wife was in a "fair weather" mood and stayed in the car while I hike around seeking the best angles for my Nikon.  Just as soon as I topped a ridge in towards the rear of the property the windows of heaven opened up with a deluge of water.  Scrambling down to the car I was soaked in the time that it took me to get there.  This is a big property for 1.23 acres!

We waited out the rain and drove around to other potential photo sites and then returned and waited some more.  With only twenty minutes of potential daylight it was becoming an all-to-familiar scene that photographers find themselves in.  I put my Nikon in the trunk of the car and proceded to hike up to an ancient trail platform of stacked rocks... and then it happened.  A burst of sunlight flooded the lot lighting up the adjacent cottonwood tree like the burning bush before Moses.  

Standing on Hallowed Ground...

Then a rainbow appeared in perfect position.  These moments in the desert are often fleeting and I dared not run to the car to get my Nikon less I am too late so I grab my Android with it's very functional HDR camera and indeed, it was a fleeting moment of light that I was so grateful to be able to capture.

View of the Lot

With 360 degree views of Zion surrounding you, this homesite is ideal for the ultimate tranquil getaway.  Situated to the rear of the property, and ancient trail leads up the Watchman in Zion National Park.  

View out the back...
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